Elk Run Braque du Bourbonnais


Elk Run Jack of All Trades

Utility Test Prize I, 204/240 Points

Bred, Trained and Owned by Lonn Kuck

"Bessie" Phantom's Belle LaBete (Dalton de la Benigousse X Deesse de la Benigousse)
  • Female
  • September 23, 1991 - May 24, 2007
  • First NAVHDA Utility qualified Bourbonnais
  • UT Prize II, 200 Points out of 204 Points
  • Prize I WPGCA Intermediate Test
  • The only Bourbonnais to earn NASTRA Championship Points
  • Elk Run's first Braque du Bourbonnais
  • Bessie's intense desire to hunt, sweet gentle disposition and keen desire to please provided the impetus for Elk Run Kennels to initiate a Bourbonnais breeding program.
  • Bessie aka "Little Miss Perfect" was never bred.
  • FCI, NAVHDA and FDSB registered

Bessie Pedigree

Bessie Pedigree

 2015, Elk Run Kennels, 10399 Rolling Hills Dr., Star, Idaho 83669, 208-286-9638